Is your company registered?

Yes, we are registered by the government of Pakistan at SECP and FBR, you can also check the website by typing our name.

How much does it cost to study MBBS abroad?

It actually depends on the country, like the countries USA and Uk will have a higher fee structure. While most of the countries and 40-50% less fee than India and Pakistan.

Which country have the most low fee for studying MBBS?

At the moment Kyrgyzstan has the lowest fee for studying MBBS.

What is the duration of course in other countries?

Most of the countries have 6-year program but countries like the Kyrgyz republic also provide a 5-year course.

Do we have to pay fee in our country?

If you like you can pay fee in your country but if you want you can carry the fee and pay it directly to the university.

Do we offer ticketing?

Yes, Our company helps you with the ticketing process and pre-departure services.

Is there any screening test coaching classes?

Yes, almost every country provides coaching classes for screening tests of other countries.

Do you offer visit visa and work visa?

Yes, we do offer work and visit visas for willing customers.

When does the intake start?

There are two intakes every year, September intake and January intake.

Is ILETS necessary for admission?

ILETS is not necessary for admission in MBBS but it is necessary for admission in other degrees.