About Us

  • Our philosophy in the education sector is to serve as a bridge between students and universities so as to help students select the best foreign institute according to their academic requirements and budget.
  • We aim to advance the profession of education consultancy by establishing high standards of performance.
  • If you are contemplating the idea of moving abroad, do not think twice and let Graduation Abroad Consultants help you in interpreting your dreams into reality through our expert Consultancy services where our goal is simple: give you completely unbiased and impartial advice and provide you best of service.
  • We put the client’s interests first, protecting the client’s privacy and access to any information.

Our Company is Officially registered by the Government of Pakistan Under SECP Company No: 0136477. We offer consultancy for students for their education in various courses and Countries. We also provide a visit visa and also assist in ticketing for our clients. Our company provides assistance in documentation from every single page you need. We help you get your visa for a respected country as early as possible. In addition, we also provide our clients with pre-departure services, from their documents to their shopping list so that they do not face any difficulty. As the clients, of our company the students get post departure services. For every person, it is difficult to adjust to a new country so we take care of it and provide pick up from the airport and help our customers till they are perfectly accommodated.

Our honesty is our introduction, we are there to help our students until they are settled and that’s why we are called “Your Dream Partners”